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American Casing and Equipment, Inc. provides a complete array of casing, rathole digging and concrete services from start to finish throughout the Williston Basin. Our customers rely on American Casing to provide experienced crews and reliable tools to get the job done right in a safe and efficient manner.

We provide: 
  • Casing Crews and Tools
  • Laydown Machines
  • Pipe Racking Crews
  • Conductor and Rathole Units
  • Concrete Services

Casing Crews and Tools
We employ professionally trained hands with years of experience in the Williston Basin and maintain an inventory of top quality tools and equipment to service your casing needs. American Casing offers lay down machines, pipe racking trucks, casing trucks and services.

We can handle drill pipe and casing. We are capable of handling casing strings ranging in size from 2 3/8” to 13 3/8” with a capacity range up to 500 tons. Our casing services include:

  • Surface Jobs
  • Long Strings and Intermediate Strings
  • Liner Pipe
  • Pulling Casing

  • Change Outs
  • Racking Unit
  • Pickup/Laydown Services
  • Plug and Abandonment

Rathole Unit
Our rathole unit digs standard rat holes, mouse holes, main holes and power mouse holes.

Concrete Services
Our mobile cementing units provide mix and pour services on location for cementing rat holes, mouse holes, power mouse holes and top jobs.
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