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American Casing & Equipment Inc. was formed in 1992 with five partners. Over the years, the number of services has grown. The ownership has changed and now Steve Larvick is the sole owner and president of the company. American Casing and Equipment, Inc. provides a complete range of casing handling, rathole digging and concrete services.

We maintain a fleet of lay down machines, rathole diggers, pipe racking trucks, casing trucks, concrete trucks and all other vehicles needed to perform any job large or small. You can call on us 24/7 for any service. Our experienced staff is well trained to complete any job in a safe manner.

We serve customers throughout the Williston Basin including North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. We also maintain permits to work on any Indian reservation as needed. Our experience in the Williston Basin includes working in the Bakken, Sleeping Giant, Parshal/Sanish, Three Forks East and other fields.

American Casing & Equipment is located in Williston, North Dakota on Highway 2 West in the middle of the Williston Basin. The main office and shop houses the casing handling equipment and trucks. Our shop performs continuous maintenance on our equipment to ensure optimal service and safety. The American Concrete shop located next door houses our concrete division and serves as a secondary shop for tool washing and storage.

Steve and the company believe in supporting and giving back to the community in which we live and work. We support local projects and activities through sponsorships, donations and volunteering.
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